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Winter Landscaping Ideas

Tuesday, November 10, 2020   /   by Breanna Thornton

Winter Landscaping Ideas

Are you in need of some simple landscaping ideas that can be maintained throughout the winter? Landscaping is one of those small things that makes a HUGE difference in the look of your home, especially if you’re trying to sell. Having an updated yard will attract buyers even though you are worried about the upcoming winter months. And even if you aren’t selling, having a beautiful landscape is just an added bonus to your home!

1)  Window Border
Image from homebnc.com

This is one of the top ways to show off a house on the market. By adding colorful perennials (year-round flowers), there will always be a pop of color that draws the eye directly to your home.

2)  Multi-season Flower Bed
Image from homebnc.com
By combining different colors of plants and flowers in the yard, there will always be some pop of color, even in the dead of winter. A good mix of evergreens and perennial flowers will always brighten a gloomy day!

3)  Potted Border
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Potted plants are SO easy to maintain! If your ground gets hard to plant with in the cold months, using pots is a simple way to level up your landscaping. A border of pots also gives off a simple and put together look.

Trying out one of these three simple designs is sure to bring some life to your yard during this season! If you need some other tips and tricks for getting your house ready to sell, contact us! We would LOVE to help you all.

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Header image from inspiration77.com