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Why Should I Hire an Agent?

Monday, October 12, 2020   /   by Breanna Thornton

Why Should I Hire an Agent?

Many people are beginning to wonder if hiring a real estate agent is a good investment while selling their home. After all, most of the process can be done on your own. So, what can be gained with hiring a person to help? Along with the positive experiences and testimonials of thousands of home sellers/buyers, here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring an agent.

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1) Fluent in “real estate language” and jargon

In order for someone to become a real estate agent, they must go through special training to receive a license. This training includes learning certain real estate terms that are completely foreign to most people. If you don’t know what MLS, 4B/2B or W/D mean, no fear! An agent has you covered. Along with extra knowledge of terms, the process of buying a home can be complicated. A trained professional can walk you through all the steps and ensure nothing goes unanswered.

2) Know neighborhoods like the back of their hand 

Most real estate agents work in areas they are extremely familiar with, and often live in. Even if they aren’t familiar, their whole job is centered around knowing where the best spot is for you! Agents have information about the schools, the shopping, and inside scoop of neighborhoods you have been looking at. Real estate agents have access to listings all over the place, and can help you find the right spot in no time.

3) Tips for the competitive market and bidding wars

Buyers are definitely in the majority right now! It’s hard to find a home that does not have multiple offers on it. It can be tough to land the house you want without knowing what to do. Luckily, agents have all the pro tips for how to succeed in this market so that you get a great value whether you’re buying or selling! They also know how to set you up to win a bidding war if you end up in that position.

4) Connections and more connections

Real estate agents are very involved in their communities. They usually have relationships with good people to know, like home stagers, interior designers, inspectors, and more. Hiring a real estate agent is like hiring a huge team of helpers! All of this help adds more knowledge for you to use and be successful.

5) Agents are a friend for life!

Whether it’s making you feel at ease about a transaction or giving you the best moving advice, real estate agents are there to help. They genuinely care about you and your family and want the best move for you. If any questions come up about your home once you move or even years after, they are there for you!

Our team of agents is happy to help or answer any questions! We love working alongside people to help their dreams become a reality. Contact us!

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