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Summer House Organization Tips

Tuesday, June 22, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

Summer House Organization Tips

Hello again! We are excited for today’s post! Do you struggle with keeping your home tidy during these summer months with everything going on? It can be a super exhausting and difficult task! Here are five of the best tips I can find on how to keep your house organized...easily!

1) Fill Drawers with Mini Bins

Drawers are one of the first things to get messy after being reorganized. Whether it’s your dresser drawer or kitchen storage, make your life easier by getting mini bins to keep everything neat. If you want extra organization, you can add labels to the bins!


Image from Marie Flanigan Interiors on Pinterest

2) Towel Racks in the Linen Closet

Towels tend to get thrown everywhere. It can be frustrating to find them laying all over the bathroom floor, on a bed or hung over a door frame. By putting a towel rack in the linen closet and the bathroom, there are more places for wet towels to be put to dry off.


Image from Andrew McCaul on Pinterest

3) File Folding

Folding towels and stacking them can start to get messy if you need to grab a towel from the bottom of the stack. A simple tip is to roll your towels to fold them so they are all easily accessible and easy to put back. This is also something you can do with shirts or pants in your drawers to make more space.


Image from Marisa Belle Photography on Pinterest

4) Hang Pots and Pans

Do you get annoyed trying to pull certain pans out of cabinets without taking everything out? The struggle is real! One idea is to hang pots and pans on command hooks on an extra wall in your kitchen! It looks put together and they are easily accessible. Putting a rod above the sink or island is another option.


Image from Kathryn Wirsing on Pinterest

5) On-the-wall Toy Holder

Are you tired of all the little toys sitting around for you to step on? This wall holder is a way of cleaning up that your kids will actually enjoy! For example, little cars can be hung up on magnetic knife holders. Wall caddies are another easy way to clean up!


Image from Keeping up with the Souths

You all have so much going on all the time, and cleaning/organizing often feels like the last thing you want to do. Do yourself a favor and implement some new organization tips! Your home will look its best and you can feel your best. Happy Tuesday Hipsters!

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Header image from Pretty Providence