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Right Now is the Best Time to Sell!!!

Friday, January 15, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

Right Now is the Best Time to Sell!!!

It’s the middle of January, which means you may be a little skeptical about trying to put up your house for sale since the winter is typically slow for real estate. However, what if we told you that right now could be the best possible time for you to sell?

Conditions are usually prime for selling when there is an overabundance of buyers in the market. This would bring increased demand for the homes that are being sold, so they sell quickly, and usually for more money. Plus, many of the buyers that are on the lookout are already pre-qualified and ready to buy a home since there are so few to choose from. 


Take a look at this map of buyer and seller traffic throughout the country. A quick glance will reveal that there are way more buyers out there right now. Currently, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that there are 1.28 million homes up for sale right now, which is a 22% decrease from last year. This definitely constitutes a sellers market!

There have been a lot of stressors in our country lately between Covid and the election, but if you are worried about selling your house because of low demand, then there is no need to fear! With the help of a real estate professional, you will be able to price your home perfectly and get it ready to put up for sale.

Now, if you’re a buyer, don’t stress. Homes will come on the market. If you remain patient and make sure you are prepared to make an offer quickly on a home when it becomes available, you are sure to find the house of your dreams! A real estate agent will be on the lookout for you to make the process as easy as possible. 


If you have questions, contact us here at Hip Realty Group! We are here to serve you and be your friend! Have a happy weekend!

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