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Hip - What Does Our Name Mean?

Friday, July 23, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

Hip - What Does Our Name Mean?

Today we want to give you an inside scoop into what the name “Hip Realty Group” means. The name was born when Tammie Slay thought of the core values that she held in the highest regard. At the very top of the list was Honor, Integrity and Perseverance. And then Hip was born! But what do all of these core values actually mean to us in our business and lives? Today we are going to focus on the first core value of honor. Here are each of our wonderful team members and what honor means to them.

Tammie Slay



“At Hip Realty Group, we chose our first core value as honor. This value represents honor for one’s self, one’s family, one’s community, and one’s company. We strive to be honorable in both our personal and professional lives.”

Amy Holmes

Sales Agent


“To me, honor means to hold yourself and others in high regard and to treat everyone with respect.”

Jammi Finlayson

Sales Agent


“Honor is the privilege of respect and esteem. As we interact with all of those we come in contact with, we have the opportunity to uphold them and treat them and ourselves with honesty and compassion.”

Gina McIntosh

Sales Agent


“When I was thinking about the word honor and what it means to me and the relationships in my life, other words like valuing, appreciation and high esteem were the first to come to my mind. 


As I was researching honor a little more I read something interesting that I had not thought of before: "Honor suggests an active or anxious regard for the standards of one's profession, calling or position."  Honor should be a constant. It's an action. It is a code of conduct that we should be in actual pursuit of and be eager to successfully master it every single day. 


When you honor the standards of your profession or your calling, that leads to your relationships being built on value and trust. I love the thought of that. I will continue to pursue honor in all my personal and professional relationships.”


Will Stotts

Sales Agent


“Honor, to me, is a choice. Whether I’m honoring an agreement, or a promise I’ve made. To honor someone is to show my respect to them.”


Monika Thornton

Administrative Assistant


“Honor is a way of showing respect to somebody, either through word, thought or award. An honorable person has a character of integrity. I also feel that a person shows they are deserving of honor by honoring others.”


Karli Pulido

Transaction Coordinator


“Honor means representing your family, community and beliefs with the highest level of integrity.”


Breanna Wirth

Content Creator


“Honor is a trait that requires me to put 100% effort into building business, relationships and service. By putting all of my effort into something, I pursue honor by showing dedication and respect to all of the people around me. Every day should be focused on maintaining this honor, because it is the core of everything.”


Allison Myers

Marketing Specialist

 WTAMU-Student-Pictures0893 (1).jpeg

“To live with honor means to hold yourself to a high standard in both work and relationships. It requires personal character development, respect for others, and in all things a constant pursuit of humility.”


Honor is a critical part of Hip Realty Group, and we are constantly striving to improve. Always reach out to one of us if you have questions about Hip, real estate, or anything else you might need!