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Does Summer Exercise Drain You? Try These Activities!

Thursday, July 8, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

Does Summer Exercise Drain You? Try These Activities!

Summer months can be some of the least motivating when it comes to moving your body and getting some exercise. Believe me, even reading the word “exercise” sometimes makes me feel tired. However, there are some brief and fun workouts that you can do to build muscle and build memories. Check out some ideas below.

1) Yard Yoga

Yoga in the Yard_0.jpg

Image from Plymouth Magazine


Yoga is a tried and true exercise that helps your muscles and strengthens your mind. It does not take much time to get your heart rate up with yoga positions that push you to your limits! To spice this workout up, bring your mat or a towel into your yard. The summer heat will help you burn more calories and get you some Vitamin D!!

2) Biking


Image from MapMyRun Blog


Biking is the perfect family activity for the summer! Bike to a nearby pool or lake to finish off your exercise with a refreshing swim. Indoor cycling is also increasing in popularity. It's a great way to strengthen your heart without some of the strain that running can put on your body.

3) Plan a Neighborhood Walkabout


Image from WHYY


There are SO many health benefits that come from just walking! Get outdoors and walk around to soak in the summer air. You can even make this a fun activity by inviting people in your neighborhood to go walking! This is a way to build great relationships with neighbors while barely even breaking a sweat.

4) Kickball Game


Image from Wicomico County Recreation & Parks


Get 2 or 3 families together and have a night full of memories with a kickball game! Kickballs are super cheap at Walmart and the game is easy to play, even with little kids. Everybody will get some short sprints in to help build muscle tone and get those calories burned. Kickball is essentially played like baseball, but is simpler for kids. Find instructions here !

5) Active Video Games


Image from YouTube


Nothing creates fun and memories quite like a game of Just Dance with the family! If you have this game or something similar like Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution, you would be surprised how much of a workout this can be. If you don’t own the games, you can look up dances on Youtube for free! This indoor activity is something everyone can enjoy.

Exercise has countless benefits for your body and mental health. Do yourself a favor and do something fun to get that exercise in during these hot summer months! Your body will thank you later. Have a great rest of your day Hipsters!