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An Inside Scoop with "Sipz"

Friday, November 6, 2020   /   by Breanna Thornton

An Inside Scoop with "Sipz"

If you live in Prosper Texas or any surrounding area, Sipz is your next MUST HAVE! We had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of this small business, a 17-year-old entrepreneur with high aspirations. Read her answers about her company below! You will not be disappointed.


How would you describe the products you offer at Sipz?

“We are a small business that sells gourmet sodas, sno cones, hot chocolate and cookies. We have 16 different base options with over 45 different syrup options to customize our soda to however you like. We also have things like fresh limes and cream to make your soda just that much better!! We have kids drinks and Italian sodas which would also fall under our gourmet sodas!! Our little trailer also makes sno cones where we have 52 different flavors to choose from and you have the option to add ice cream or cream to your sno cone. Our hot chocolate is gourmet as well where we have 5 signature flavors, or you have the option to create your own, or you can just have it plain!! And finally our cookies are 5 oz, and we sell frosted sugar, chocolate-chip, cookies and cream, and we have a seasonal cookie.”

What is your mission with the business?

“My mission as the owner of Sipz is to: one, have a fun little shop for my community to come to when in need of something sweet and leave with joy and a delicious treat to enjoy. Two, I hope to inspire young entrepreneurs as I am 17 myself, and own my own company while still being in high school and being a part of a varsity sport. Anything is possible when you have the drive to do it, so I just hope to inspire teens, proving they can do anything they put their mind to.”

What makes Sipz unique?

“Oftentimes we get compared to Sonic, but we are much different than Sonic. I like to say we are Sonic on steroids. We have over 45 flavors to customize your drink, with 50 drink combinations listed on our menu, all of which are delicious. In addition we sell some delicious cookies that are huge and addicting. Finally we have something for every season, sno cones for the summer, hot chocolate for the winter, and cookies for every season!! There is no place like us in the DFW area!!”

What products are your favorite or most popular?

“Our gourmet sodas and cookies are our top sellers!! As far as our sodas go, our most popular menu item are named, Loconut (coconut and fresh lime), The Hawaiian (coconut and pineapple), The G.O.A.T (coconut and vanilla), and Coco Chanel (coconut, strawberry, and raspberry). Our most popular cookie by far is our frosted sugar cookie, which is very addicting. We just launched our hot chocolate and are excited to see the turn out it brings!!”

What do you love most about the Prosper community?

“I love how supportive my community is to me. Once everyone hears my story and how young I am they definitely show their love and support instantly which is greatly appreciated. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the support my family and community has given me!!”

What is your favorite part about being involved in this business?

“My favorite thing is to see how happy everyone is when they come to Sipz. It really gives off a positive vibe and everyone leaves smiling. The kids are so happy to get their cute little candy filled drinks and their parents are relieved to get their afternoon pick me up really just makes my day, and gives me a reason to keep going!!”

Don’t hesitate to go pick up a sweet treat from this amazing business!! We are so lucky to have them in the area!

Address is 640 N Preston Rd Prosper, TX 75078 (to the right of the Texaco gas station).

Hours are Mon-Fri 4:30pm-8pm, Sat 12pm-8pm, closed Sundays.

Header image from Sipz instagram page