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All the Newest Interior Trends You Will Love

Friday, July 16, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

All the Newest Interior Trends You Will Love

Why are kitchen and bathroom remodels so popular in homes across the country? Because trends and styles change! Today’s post is dedicated to showing off some of the most popular home trends of 2021 if you are interested in an upgrade. Just remember that whatever style is your favorite will be the right one for you! There is no right or wrong trend for your home.

More Tile!


Image from Veranda


Tile has been pretty common within backsplashes or on the floor. Now it’s becoming trendy to have tile all the way up the wall! With the right color tile for your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with this look.

Ditching Upper Cabinets


Image from Veranda


Designers have thought of a new way to store all of your kitchen pieces, and it does not include cabinets! Having shelves to put kitchenware on in your kitchen or getting rid of upper storage altogether is known to make the kitchen look more open and tidy. Make sure your shelves are organized for a clean look!

Hidden Appliances


Image from Veranda


Another way to give your kitchen more of a clean look is with appliances that blend into the cabinets around it. The trash bin could be put inside of a sliding cabinet, and the fridge door can blend into the storage cabinets.



Image from House Beautiful


Wallpaper is starting to make a comeback! Designers will put wallpaper in their bedrooms, bathroom, office...anywhere! This is a pretty simple way to add some flare to a room.

Diamond Patterned Flooring

Image from Harvey Maria

At first, this style may seem dramatic and easily distracting. However, it is growing in popularity due to its striking look. This is a very common floor pattern for bathroom remodels, and there are other similar flooring remodels that could take your breath away!

Interior design and remodeling can be a pain, but it can also be fun! If you are looking for a change, try thinking outside of the box to do something to bring more life to your home. Happy decorating and happy Friday!