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All About Will + His Favorite Restaurant

Wednesday, June 16, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

All About Will + His Favorite Restaurant

Hello Hip family! It’s time for another local spotlight + employee shoutout! Today we are focusing on Will Stott’s favorite restaurant, La Hacienda Ranch. But first, let’s learn a little more about Will.


Will is one of our awesome sales agents who recently joined the team, yet adds so much! He brings dedication, ambitious goals, and lots of laughs here to Hip Realty Group! Head to his instagram @will_stotts_hip_realty_group for any questions or help with your home.

Now let’s learn more about La Hacienda Ranch! If you are a fan of Mexican food, this is the place for you. They are famous for their original frozen margaritas and Mexican food that makes your mouth water.


Image from Dallas Morning News


La Hacienda, or Mariano’s Hacienda, began in 1971 when Mariano Martinez had the idea to create a frozen margarita machine to expand his business. His popularity in the Dallas area grew from there. Now, this original machine is in the Smithsonian museum! Quite a groundbreaking start for this new restaurant. Mariano now owns six restaurants throughout the area. His Dallas restaurant is called Mariano’s Hacienda, and is located at 6300 Skillman St Dallas, TX 75231. His Frisco restaurant is La Hacienda Ranch, and is located at 4110 Preston Rd Frisco, TX 75034.


Image from Visit Frisco


Website: https://www.laharanch.com/

Enjoy a night with some delicious and legendary Tex-Mex food sometime this week! Have a Hiptastic day!

Header image from TripAdvisor