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5 Reasons to Move to the DFW Area

Wednesday, November 18, 2020   /   by Breanna Thornton

5 Reasons to Move to the DFW Area

In 2018, Texas had more people move in than any other state in the country. Why are people moving to Texas? If you’re curious about why so many people want to live here, take a look at the following five reasons why Texans love Texas so much.

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1)  A Place of Opportunity

With quite a few businesses moving their headquarters to the Dallas area, the job opportunities are steadily growing. With companies like Southwest, AT&T, and Toyota located in DFW, you can begin your career in no time. The job growth increased 2.9% from 2017 to 2019, making Dallas one of the best areas to find a job or start your own business.

2)  Low Taxes

It’s a little bit easier to pocket some money in Texas because there are no state or local income taxes. With every paycheck you receive, you will get to keep more, and save or spend to your heart’s content.

3)  Safe Neighborhoods with Beautiful Homes

The suburbs surrounding Dallas are known as some of the safest places to raise a family in America. Dallas itself is also known to be a safer metropolitan area than most inner cities. The DFW communities are also full of beautiful properties, so you will be able to find your dream home and neighborhood in no time.

4)  Amazing Education

Elementary, middle and high schools are all kept at high standards in Texas. Teachers are also paid quite a bit more in Texas as opposed to surrounding areas, so they are known for giving quality education and helping their students succeed. 

5)  Southern Hospitality! 

When it comes down to it, you just can’t beat the people in DFW! The culture is very friendly and inviting, and you will most likely have good interactions with strangers you come into contact with. Texans are proud of their state, and it brings a southern charm that is contagious. You will love the culture and friendly people of the DFW area!

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At the end of the day, everyone has different things they are looking for when moving. Do some research about DFW and find out if it is the best place for you and your family. We would love to answer questions you have, help you find a home, or even give you some good restaurants to try out. We would love to have you here!

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