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Friday, September 10, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

CURRENT Market Numbers Compared with USUAL Market Numbers

There has been a lot of data taken over the years for the real estate market. This data has produced some numbers that experts would label as “normal.” Certain aspects like mortgage rates, number of offers and others have a standard when market conditions are in their typical state. The purpose of this post is to help you get a better idea of how the current market is in relation to the usual real estate market.

1) Mortgage Rates

Freddie Mac has average mortgage rates for every decade since the 1970’s. 

1970’s: 8.86%
1980’s: 12.7%
1990’s: 8.12%
2000’s: 6.29%
2010’s: 4.09%

Today’s mortgage rate is 2.87%, which is drastically lower than any other rate recorded by experts. This shows us that the mortgage rates are not like the normal rates.

2) Home Appreciation

Image from Mortgage Explorer
An expert company states that average home price appreciation since 1995 has been around 4.14%. Forecasts for th; ...

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

September Community Events: 9/11 Memorial, Dogs, and More!

Can you believe it’s a new month already? Neither can we! August flew by and it’s time for another month of goals and new events in the community. This is the place to find out where you want to be this month with your family or some friends. Check out these events coming up in September!

1) Autumn Fest

Image from Little Elm

When: September 16th through September 19th at Little Elm Park
This year, Little Elm Park is hosting a fun fall festival! Come have some fun at the park with live entertainment, a full carnival with rides and games, and food! The weekend ends by kicking off Oktoberfest. This will be an event you don’t want to miss.

2) Coffee with the Mayor

Image from Lifestyle Frisco

When: September 10th at 8am across from the Babe’s restaurant
If you are interested in the day to day life of the municipal court in Frisco, this is the event for you! Come take a tour of the beautifully renovated building and meet Frisco ; ...

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Thursday, August 26, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

Hip Dogs!!!

At Hip Realty Group, we have a firm commitment to family and growing our Hip family. And yes, that includes our dogs! This post is dedicated to showing off our dogs and celebrating National Dog’s Day.


Tammie Slay’s dog Charlotte is one of her daughters! She has lots of spirit and will literally chew up anything she can get her mouth on. 

Halli and Kneesi

Jammi’s dogs are so different but so adorable!! They are great additions to the Finlayson family.


Monika and Bree have had Maddie as a part of their family for years and she brings so much joy and laughter! (and sometimes frustration)


Gina’s dog is extremely snuggly and loves her family! She is also lazy and loves a good nap (but who doesn’t?).


Will LOVES his dog. Lily is full of life and energy and loves to play. She is also very loving!!


Last but not least, we are so lucky to have Angie on our team now!! And; ...

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

Are there days that you feel tired of your home? Change is always good to freshen up your space and give you a new feeling of home. This blog post is dedicated to giving you new and easy ideas for your home.

1) New Throw Pillows

Image from Amazon
The pillows on your couches can start to blend into the surroundings. Getting some new pillows with a pop of color or a different design can work wonders in your living space. Geometric patterns give more of a modern vibe, and something like embroidery brings in elegance. There are many options for pillows!

2) Update Paint

Image from This Old House
New paint is a cheap way to change the entire feel of a room. Accent walls are also a great trend! There are lots of different colors that are in style for 2021, like soothing blue greens or even a dark gray accent wall. This is also a great activity to do with your family if you like to DIY! 

3) Decorate with Candles or Plants

It’s amazing ; ...

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021   /   by Breanna Thornton

What's New in the Market in August?

We are well over halfway through the year and there are a lot of questions in the air about the housing market still. The pandemic is still a contributing factor to market conditions, but there are many other factors to account for. This month we are giving you the latest news on the end of summer market. 

Are Prices Still Appreciating?

The short answer to this question is yes. Prices are still appreciating across the board. However, this appreciation is starting to slow as the months go by. There is slightly less demand for homes from buyers, so naturally the prices will go down. While the prices may go down, interest rates are projected to start rising, so affordability may not actually become any better. It might be best to look into moving now before the rates continue to increase!

Should Homeowners be Worried About Forbearance or a Housing Bubble?

With all the people moving, it can be easy to think this is a repeat of the crash of 2008 with masses of forbearance; ...

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